Outlook For Remote Workers Remains Strong

Since the onset of COVID-19, employees have changed the way they work. This meant transitioning from the office and conference rooms to Zoom calls and Slack messages.

Now as we begin to look ahead to a post-COVID world, it’s interesting to consider what portion of this change will remain.

According to a survey of executives by Gartner, approximately 76% of respondents expect to maintain a remote work force of some kind in a post-COVID world. Most plan to have a remote workforce between 5-20%, while a small few expect > 50% of their workforce stay remote post-COVID.

Investment Implications

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Many companies have greatly benefited from COVID-19, posting record profits and seeing their share prices skyrocket. But now, almost two years into the pandemic, many of these companies are experiencing much lower growth and depressed market prices.

Companies like Zoom have seen their market values decline over 75% from their high. Yet they continue to show dominance with over half a million customers with > 10 employees. Add their wide-reaching customer base to the various products they are rolling out and the story gets interesting.

Other companies like Fiverr have supported remote work through a marketplace experience and continue to see record levels of new active buyers as well.

As we look out onto the horizon, many investors are questioning the future prospects of these companies. We believe many of these changes are here to stay.

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