Market Crash Indicator may be Suggesting Dark Hour of Opportunity Near

Chris Kimble
stock market crash indicator reversal at stock bottom chart image march 26

Mystery Indicator “monthly” Chart – Opportunity?

Today’s chart is an indicator that I track and share with clients, so I won’t disclose it other than sharing its relevance to the last financial crisis.

I want to simply point out the pattern without bias. Note that it is a “monthly” bar chart.

During the lows of the financial crisis in 2009, this indicator created a large bullish reversal (falling sharply before reversing higher to end the month) at long-term support at (1).

Fast forward to today, and this indicator is testing the lows from 2009 at (2) and attempting to create a similarly large reversal pattern once again.

Could this be highlighting that we are near that “dark hour” of opportunity again?

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