Is JC Penney Stock A Buy? Maybe But Not Just Yet

JC Penney Co. Inc. (JCP) has taken a beating since Q1 2012. From that time until Q1 2014, JC Penney stock lost (88.65%) of it’s value. Since making a weekly low of $4.90, JCP has trade in a range of $6.40 for the last 18 months. In sum, investors have seen a major move down followed by an 18 month consolidation. This could very well be a base being built for a move higher.

So how could active investors play this ? Let’s look at at some Fibonacci levels for clues. We’ll start with a 5 year chart of JC Penney stock and then narrow our focus to a 1 year chart.

In the 5 year chart below, you can see the big move lower and the consolidation range that I talked about.  (click charts to enlarge)

JC Penney Stock (JCP) – 5 Year Weekly Chart

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jc penney stock jcp price targets

Now, let’s zoom in and take a look at some levels to watch for. In the 1 year chart below, I have an upside price target of $9.95. A close above that level would make for a good partial position entry point in my opinion. The next level you want to clear is $11.30; the high of the trading range. A close above there would be evidence of a probable continuation to the upside.

When, and if, JC Penney stock price closes above the daily price target of $9.95, new Fibonacci levels would need to be drawn to ascertain a new target.

JC Penney Stock (JCP) – 1 Year Daily Chart

jcp technical support levels jc penney stock chart

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