Is IBM Stock Heading Into The Buy Zone Again?

Over the past couple years, I have written several posts about IBM.

And in most instances I was looking for opportunities to get LONG the stock for a swing trade.

At certain junctures, there have been hints, using a technical analysis technique called ‘ratio analysis’, that IBM has the potential to start outperforming the broader S&P 500 index.

Here’s a quick recap of those blogs:

The next post in this series, showed the potential of the breakout from an inverse head and shoulders to target a very formidable gap:

“If the breakout holds, investors will have an 8 dollar gap staring them in the face.  That will be a big test…”

Next, we saw  a long term trend line (LOG) get taken out from 1993 and now we are testing another key trend line. (dashed green).  The trend line discussion can be found here:

So where does that leave us now?

I have updated several charts below – monthly, weekly, daily, and LOG charts. We have a very nice BUY PATTERN forming a little lower while also targeting the 25 year .786 retracement node of the IBM/SPY ratio.

Folks, if we can get a synchronistic pattern completing while at the same time a .786 retracement of the ratio, I believe this is a very risk controlled opportunity to go long IBM.

$IBM Ratio Analysis – MONTHLY

ibm spy market performance ratio stock buy chart_may 21


ibm stock chart weekly bars analysis_buy price_may 21


ibm stock chart technical analysis price forecast buy research_may 21

$IBM Log Trend Line

ibm stock analysis monthly bars chart_bullish_may 2018

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