In the News: 10 Signs the U.S. Econo-naut is Jacking It Up

It’s Friday.  It’s Springtime.  And it’s time for some fun.  Besides, everything is coming up roses and it feels great.  Doesn’t it?

top ten, list, best, number one, 1In the News: 10 Signs the U.S. Econo-naut is Jacking It Up

1)   Bill Gross Our resident bond expert is calling it quits on his longterm affection for US Treasuries.  Gross did, however, make it clear that his firm, PIMCO, is not short US treasuries.  Fantastic!  … he just thinks they are a terrible investment.

2)   Payrolls  Jobs are everywhere!  And free!  Literally.

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3)   Citigroup (C) A “wrong way” stock split pushed it back above $40 dollars!  Sweetness!  The chart looks so much better with a $550 to $10 cannonball in 2007.  A thing of beauty.

4)   Helicopter Ben  He got his big equity lift, so Middle America must be doing great!  Right?

5)   Government fire sale!  The Government is for sale.  Come buy a piece of the American dream! Sale ends Sunday!

6)   IPO’s en vogue   Some like it hot and some like it really hot!  LinkedIn (LNKD) made a gigantic splash, registering an intraday triple, before settling for double in its debut.  Cha, cha, cha…  maybe the government should allow the unemployed to swap benefits for LinkedIn stock.

7)   The underwear-o-meter  Time for new underwear?  Hell yeah, the economy must be rocking!

8)   George Soros  The guru sold his gold!  We’re all saved!!!  The fear trade is officially over.  Ok, back to work…?

9)   Mega mergers  Beautiful work Microsoft (MSFT).  Skype must be worth 2 or 3 billion, right?  Try 8.5 billion, sucker! Three cheers for Steve Ballmer!  Now if we could only apply that kind of appreciation to the needy housing market.  Oh yeah… been there, done that.  And we know how that story ended.  Oh, who cares, we’re all gonna be rich again!

10)   Core Price Inflation  Up 1.3% annually…    Really?



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