Humana’s Stock (HUM) May Be Nearing A Correction

Humana Inc (NYSE:HUM) has been a strong momentum stock.

But we’ve seen several momo stocks get hit hard recently.  Will Humana fall prey to a correction soon?

This is just another name to add to the ever increasing list of parabolic moves. It’s up from $150 to $340 in just over 2 years time!

So what makes me cautious here?

Mathematics.  When you do the math, this is as good a place as any for the stock to at least pause… or make a sharp correction.

Let’s review the numbers of interest (see the charts below for more information).

  • 1.582 = 783.99Hz = G# musical extension
  • The 150 Low * Square Root of 5 = 335
  • 18.48 Squared = 341 (beginning of the bull run)
  • Multiple Vectors and a measured move point to 337 as major resistance

humana stock topping correction forecast_numerology square root chart_september 2018

humana stock chart trading price targets chart september 24


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