GoPro’s Stock (GPRO) At Critical Juncture, Could Fall To $4

We’ve been watching GoPro’s stock (NASDAQ:GPRO) for a long time.  In fact, we’ve made a lot of calls on GoPro (GPRO).

Below is a sampling of some of our calls and analysis, followed by an update.

We called for a top back in 2014 when it was closing in on $100/share:

“Geometry tells us that 98 will be formidable resistance and that a pullback should occur in and around this area.”

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Then we called for singled digits when it was trading at $40/share:

It certainly looks like the lows around $36/$37 are going to break to the downside. If/When this happens, we should roll into the $27-$29 area. That “should” be pretty strong support … if we lose that level, then look for a move all the way down into the single digits.

More recently, we called for a move down to $4-$8:

If the current pattern completes, I expect a GPRO bottom to come in around $7, with a GPRO bottom “range” around $4 to $8.


So Where Is GoPro (GPRO) Now? And why is $8 an important support level?

The long term price target of roughly $4 is still out there and the stock is sure trading heavy.  We looked for the BUY zone to be in/around 4-8 and if the daily pattern (chart further below) fails to find support at $8, then perhaps a move to $4 is in the cards.

Both the weekly and daily charts are shown below.


GoPro (GPRO) Weekly Chart

gopro stock price chart gpro lower targets_long term_investing


GoPro (GPRO) Daily Chart

gopro stock chart technical price analysis_lower price target_4 dollars_news_november

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