Facebook Earnings Rally: Unfriended

Andrew Kassen

After spiking as much as +18% off Wednesday’s closing price at $49.01 to $57.98, Facebook ($FB) has followed after the fashion of Netflix last week by giving back all its post-release gains almost as quickly as it added them, marking the second Sparkle & Fade in one of 2013’s marquee momo names.

Amidst thinner extended-hours trade, FB is stabilizing around its late afternoon low-of-day just below $49 – more than 2% below Wednesday’s open at $50, adding up to a massive 20% post-earnings range.

Facebook (FB) – 15-Minute Chart – Rally Reversed

Facebook Earnings Rally


Facebook (FB) – 1-Minute Chart: Sparkle & Fade

Facebook Earnings Rally

Will we see a lasting Facebook earnings rally once investors have had time to digest the EPS beat and accompanying release data?  Or is this another example of one of the can’t-miss momentum stocks of the current bull market finally toppling back to earth?


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