Consumer Discretionary vs Staples: Time For Some Mean Reversion?

Here are 3 looks at the trading ratio of the Consumer Discretionary Sector (XLY) / Consumer Staples Sector (XLP) ratio.

It looks to us that this pair is due to reverse course to a risk-off configuration.

Here are some takeaways from the charts:

The ratio is approaching a 161.8% Fibonacci extension and pressing up against pitchfork resistance. See chart above.

A price and time chart is lining right up for a  turn exactly right here. Price = Time

$XLY / $XLP Ratio Chart – Price and Time Square Out?

xly xlp ratio investing performance consumer sectors_time price performance top_18 june

The Fibonacci ellipse reveals a potential turning point/ resistance at 3.618%

Looks like it may be time for a change of leadership in this pair… it’s overdue for some mean reversion.

$XLY / $XLP Ratio Performance Fibonacci Ellipse Chart


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