Frugal Finance App Review: FastCustomer

By Kelly Hodges Imagine this not so uncommon scenario.  You receive your cable bill in the mail and there is an extra $10 charge that you...
gas prices

Cut Your Fuel Costs – There’s an App for That

By Kelly Hodges With gasoline prices eking up over the $4 mark, filling up the tank has become an excruciating experience.  And while public transportation, carpooling,...

Facebook IPO Seals the Deal: Social Media Soaring

By Andrew Nyquist Yesterday, I was interviewed by SmartMoney and quoted in a featured news piece entitled 5 Hot Sectors for Job Growth. And it came as...
Retail, Shopping Cart

Smart Shopping: There’s an App for That

By Kelly Hodges This year, consumers are being more diligent than ever in making sure that the deals they snag are indeed the best deals available. ...
Giving, togetherness

Saying Goodbye to a Great One: Remembering Steve Jobs

By Andrew Nyquist Steve Jobs was an iconic leader.  Period.  And his loss is a big one.  Not only to those who knew and loved him,...

Kindle Fire is the Salt, You are the Baboon

Guest blog by Chuck Van Nostrand. There has been much talk about how the Kindle Fire is or is not an iPad killer. In my...
Tablet, pc, handheld

Amazon Taking on Apple and the iPad? It’s All About Pricing

I was interviewed earlier today by SmartMoney on the Amazon Kindle tablet launch and asked more specifically for thoughts on the perception of the...

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