Saying Goodbye to a Great One: Remembering Steve Jobs

Giving, togethernessBy Andrew Nyquist
Steve Jobs was an iconic leader.  Period.  And his loss is a big one.  Not only to those who knew and loved him, but also to those he touched.  And he touched so many of us in so many ways.  Remembering Steve Jobs, he was the true essence of an individual; he didn’t look to personally please the world because he was on a mission to change the world.

He single-handedly influenced the turn around of Pixar (DIS) and Apple (APPL), taking them from fledgling brands to elite brands we know and love.  No doubt, his spirit and innovative strength will be with us for some time: from computers to animated movies on the big screen to jamming with our iPods to talking on our iPhones, to surfing and sharing on our iPads.

Not even the economy could alter Jobs’ plans.  In fact, it was during these tough times that his ideas and products thrived the most – a quintessential example of differentiation.  His ability to think outside the box in creating cutting edge products that influence our way of life will be appreciated well beyond our years.

So it is with great respect and sadness that we mourn the loss of a great one.  Jobs will go down in history as one of the greatest visionaries of his day.  And I have no doubt he is in a better place… and finding ways to make that place better;)

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Like a true champion, he went out on top.   Rest in peace Steve Jobs, you’ll forever be missed.


Over the years, Jobs had many memorable quotes; here’s a couple that I like. Remembering Steve Jobs.

“Stay Hungry, stay foolish” -2005 Stanford commencement address

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” -1989 interview with Inc. magazine

I’ll also leave you with his memorable Stanford Commencement Address.



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