Can Cupid’s Bow and Quiver Awaken a Stock Market Rally?

stock market bullish angel image

Cupid, the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars, used golden arrows to arouse desire and leaden arrows to ignite aversion.

The Federal Reserve, trying to play the Cupid who shoots golden arrows, hinted today that an interest rate cut could be warranted.

However, those same rate cuts, coupled with an investigation into practices by Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook, could play out as the Cupid who shoots leaden arrows.

That makes us wonder which arrow Cupid’s got up his wing.

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Over the weekend, I showed you the weekly charts of the Economic Modern Family.

We particularly observed that Semiconductors SMH remains the strongest of the weakest. We noted that SMH is below the 50-WMA, but not by that much.

Furthermore, unless SMH can close this week back over the 50-WMA at 101.72, we advise that selling rallies makes sense.

At the same time, I showed you weekly charts of many soft and agricultural commodities.

Today, with gold as the strongest, the ags and softs were mixed.

Noteworthy, is that the dollar declined while sugar futures climbed.

Back in January, I pointed out that besides gold, sugar is often a reliable inflation indicator.

Henceforth, with the equities market struggling to catch a rally and certain commodities flying to highs not seen since early March, is our market’s Cupid romantic or mischievous?

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S&P 500 (SPY)  – 277 resistance to clear. Confirmed Distribution phase-next support area 271.50.

Russell 2000 (IWM) – Support around 145. Better at 138. And resistance at 148.40

Dow Jones Industrials (DIA)  – 250 pivotal.

Nasdaq (QQQ)  – Confirmed Distribution phase 167.45 support. Over 174.54 could give it a bounce.

KRE (Regional Banks) – 49.00 some support with 51.40 the big overhead resistance.

SMH (Semiconductors) – 101.07 the 200-DMA resistance to clear but better if it clears 101.72 the 50-WMA. Support at 97.61, this past week’s low.

IYT (Transportation) – 178 resistance with 167.50 the best support.

IBB (Biotechnology)  – Some news boosted this above 100. However, the move today was not enough for a bonafide reversal pattern.

XRT (Retail) – 40.00 held -perhaps due for a dead cat bounce.

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