Banking Index Is Telling Investors To Buckle Up!

I last posted on the Banking Index and the potential for a peak at the end of January. You can view that post here.

Well, today I’m sad to say that it played out as one might have thought… and banks have been declining sharply of late.

So today we provide another update. Just for reference, below is the chart from my previous blog (showing the topping setup).

bank index peak topping pattern important chart

Folks, banks are everything. PERIOD. They lead us UP and they lead us DOWN. Something isn’t right at the circle K. Below is the Updated Chart.

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banking index sharp decline crash lower march 10 investing chart image

All things being equal, the wave that started today needs to finish 5 waves so I would step aside and let the banks pave the way … the BIG support is 83-86. Why? The red arrow is the largest price correction in the banking index since 2009. What happens at that level will be very key.

Next levels are the measured move down around 56-60 and the BIG ONE at 45-46.

Get your tinfoil hat peeps .. buckle up.

bank stocks crash index lower price targets investing image

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