Apple Stock (AAPL): Has A Major Wave 4 Lower Begun?

Apple (AAPL) is all over the news right now, dominating the financial headlines – and rightly so. We’ve blogged about Apple before and highlighted how the 130-135 area was the potential top for a while.

Here’s a recap of past blogs:

Okay, so let’s pull this all together and see where Apple is at now… to the AAPL chart:

Apple Long-Term LOG chart – LOGS are key. Long term LOG charts and their corresponding trend lines give one a feel for rates of change. And when they break, it’s the first indication of a major change in trend. Watch this weeks close VERY closely. Thus far, this trend line has worked for 12 years on the world’s favorite stock.

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aapl weekly chart uptrend line apple stock august 5 2015

On the AAPL weekly chart, we can try to quantify the consequences of a trend break by using measured move targeting and Elliott wave. This gives us targets of 85-90 or as low as 60. Note that corrections tend to correct back to wave 4 of a lesser degree (see chart above).

I’m seeing this year’s highs as a wave 3 top. So that would make the current move the start of a wave 4 correction. Ultimately, this will prove VERY BULLISH for Apple’s stock. And we’ll likely look at buying AAPL in/around 134 days from now.

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