AAPL Announcement: iPhone 6, Apple Watch Priced Into Stock?

As with all Apple (AAPL) announcements and new product launches, the hype and speculation was at fever pitch heading into the September 9 unveiling of the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. This can be seen best through the eyes of investors. In the hours leading up to the AAPL announcement, the stock was wound as tight as a drum, trading in a one dollar range for most of Friday and Monday.

Then came Tuesday and things got a little nutty heading into and out of the AAPL announcement. Over the course of 2 hours, the stock jumped as high as $103.08 before trading as low as $96.14.

Active investors would call this a noisy day. And based on how the stock traded following Apple’s new product reveal, it appears that a good deal of the AAPL announcement was priced into the stock.


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AAPL 30 MIN Chart

AAPL announcement iPhone 6


Since a stock’s price provides insights into investor psychology, I think it’s worth pointing out a few reasons why the iPhone 6 and new Apple Watch are likely priced into the current stock price:

1)  AAPL traded as high $103.74 on September 2nd. This capped off a $10 run higher over a few weeks. The lead up to the AAPL announcement was filled with anticipation and information gathering as investors attempted to peg a value on the stock.

2)  AAPL stock jumped over $103 on the announcement, but failed to top the September 2nd highs before immediately selling off (reversing lower).

3)  AAPL closed the day near its opening price (down just $0.37). And the stock has subsequently drifted higher, back to the middle of that wide range today.

For reference – Here’s a 3 Month AAPL Chart

AAPL chart iphone 6 apple watch announcement

Now, to be clear, this isn’t meant to provide insights into where the stock may be headed longer-term; it’s merely a representation of how investors attempt to price in what they know (or think they know). The lead up to the AAPL announcement took the stock to new all-time highs; now it will be interesting to see if the stock needs a recharge before attempting another burst higher.

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