9 Great Reads For Investors This Week

This year has been a rocky one for the global financial markets. Commodities have been crushed, Bonds and currencies have been volatile, and the equities have been uncertain – trading in a wide range.

And to top it all off, the markets received news of the first Fed rate hike since 2006.  What a year.

Below is a short reading list for investors that includes 9 quality reads – each of which came across my desk this past week. Browse the list and read what you find of interest.

1.   BlackRock’s $32 Billion Hedge Fund Business Has a Little Problem ~ Bloomberg

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2.   This next post is something I’ll come back to when discussing my thoughts on big themes in 2016:

BLS: The Unemployment Rate Fell in 27 States in November ~ Calculated Risk


3.   Robo-advisors: the downsideUSA Today


4.   The next article is a few weeks old, but it’s a must read regardless if you are dependent on a current/future pension or not:

Investing in a World of Low Yields – Many Unhappy Returns ~ The Economist  (registration required)


5.   On the economics of sport – based on recent player contracts, maybe it still is America’s pastime:

How Jeff Samardzija just proved athletes would be foolish to pick NFL over MLB ~ Washington Post


6.   I saw this tweet by @jonsticha show up in my Twitter feed Friday:


It reminded me of this article from The Atlantic: If a Self-Driving Car Gets in an Accident, Who—or What—Is Liable?


stock market news7.    On music that moves, movies that matter, literature that lives forever and art that can change the world:

Thank You Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Ernest Hemingway and Stanley Kramer  ~ Observer


8.   The Year in Search – 2015 ~ Google Search


9.   And finally, on a week where the Federal Reserve demand much of the investing world’s attention, here’s a truly original thesis:

Avoid Firms with CFOs that Golf All the Time ~ Alpha Architect


Check out my blog. I try to compile a quality reading list for investors each week with relevant news and insights on the markets.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.