5 Macro Themes: China, Inflation, The Dollar and More

Callum Thomas

Here’s a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest edition of my Weekly Macro Themes report.

There’s a lot going on across the financial markets and asset classes right now.

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Here are 5 macro themes that I am watching right now:

1.  Inflation Outlook: A rapidly evolving inflation outlook for developed economies, particularly in the USA.  Perhaps the market is not on top of this yet.

2.  US Dollar Index: We continue to focus on the contrarian setup in the US Dollar Index (DXY), the case looks to be growing more compelling, yet it remains an unconventional idea.

us dollar index price chart analysis research_13 april 2018

3.  Copper:  Our charts helped picked the rebound in copper in 2016, but now they are telling us something entirely different (valuation, intermarkets, positioning, China macro, and more).

4.  China On/Offshore: A number of indicators show an evolving valuation picture, with China A shares trading at a discount to offshore, but it’s not a repeat of 2014.

5.  Eurozone Valuations: In part 1 of a series that will be continued next week on my premium service, we explore the valuation picture for European equities, with a particular focus on relative value. There has been some iteresting developments in Europe.

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