4 Market Trends To Follow This Summer

This week we share 4 charts depicting market trends into summertime… because we could not stop at 3.

  1. Zoom sees record in-app monthly revenue…
  2. Apparel retail foot traffic visits moving higher…
  3. Year-over-Year foot traffic inflecting higher for retail overall.
  4. Turo App, the Airbnb of car rentals growing…

Zoom In-App Revenues Hit Record

Zoom app revenue just hit a record. Zoom’s revenue and usage remain resilient as we observe ongoing durability. A notable development is the introduction of Zoom One, an all-inclusive package that encompasses various features such as a Slack alternative, an exceptional meeting solution, a phone solution, whiteboarding capabilities, and more. Furthermore, Zoom has streamlined the in-app purchasing process, resulting in the emergence of novel revenue streams through self-service channels.

zoom in-app revenue increasing chart

Apparel Retail Trending Up

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As we monitor retail segments to assess the consumer’s economic well-being, a key indicator we focus on is foot traffic trends. Notably, the apparel sector has exhibited consistent growth in foot traffic, surpassing and staying back above pre-pandemic levels from 2019 across various regions and market segments. Luxury has inflected higher, with thrift shops actually coming down somewhat. Ironically this week we saw Savers, go public right when foot traffic to their area moderates.

apparel retail visits trending higher better improving chart economy image

Foot Traffic To Broad Retail Improves

In the context of the broader retail sector, foot traffic is showing signs of improvement compared to the same period last year when record levels of traffic were observed. After a temporary decline over the past few months, there is now a noticeable and consistent upward trend emerging.

retail stores traffic improving higher economic chart image

Turo Shows The Sharing Economy Is Growing

In the past decade, the sharing economy has flourished, revolutionizing various industries. From Airbnb to Uber to Poshmark, these platforms have transformed the way we engage in commerce. While Turo, a car rental platform, has been in existence for some time, it is now gaining significant momentum. Turo enables individuals to rent out their vehicles, and in recent times, it has reached a crucial turning point. The convergence of increased travel demand and cost-consciousness has led to a surge in Turo’s popularity, resulting in record-breaking download numbers. This trend in the sharing economy, particularly in the car rental sector, is an area of keen observation for us.

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