10 Year Treasury Yield Long-Term Outlook: Charts Point Higher

The 10 Year US Treasury Yield is getting the attention of investors here around 3 percent.

Well, it looks to be headed higher yet in the weeks, months ahead.

Here are four chart views on the CBOE 10 Year Treasury Note Yield.

Fibonacci  Time Zones:  Fibonacci Time Zones are vertical lines based on the Fibonacci Sequence.

They have been nailing highs and lows since 1981 While some trendline resistance has been taken out, chart resistance in the form of a Double bottom is still in play.

10 year treasury yield tnx fibonacci price chart lows_year 2018

Multi Square outs have aligned at the July 2016 low for rates. These are calculated by identify a high or low and measuring to another high or low. The key is the distance (number of bars) when taking the square root needs to be a whole number. 196, 121, 64 and 49 all Square out on the July Low.

10 year treasury yield tnx square out chart_year 2018

Long term Cycle lows (averaging a little over 3 years) should show up again in February 2020.

10 year treasury yield market cycle bullish chart_year 2018

Based on our Analysis, we believe the Interest Rate on the 10 year bond has much higher to go based on Fibonacci, the measured move out of a possible double bottom and some mathematics!

10 year treasury yield technical analysis bullish measured move target chart_year 2018


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