10 Good Reads For Investors… And Just About Anyone Else

Below are a couple handfuls of links that I discovered over the past week that I thought might be of interest to readers.

10 Reads For Active Investors… And Just About Anyone Else

An article that I wrote on See It Market about financial literacy was featured on Abnomal Returns (mid-page):  Personal Finance Links: Future Wealth

This next post features a topic that I think we all can agree on: The Power Of Civil And Intelligent Debate To Make Us All Better  – AVC

Robo-Advisers: Boon or Menace? from Jeff Sasmor  – Daily Speculations

I’m sure many active investors are asking (or trying to answer) this question: Why Investors Buy Bonds with Negative Yields  – The Economist

All of the World’s Stock Exchanges by Size  – Visual Capitalist

European Steel Workers Protest Cheap Chinese Imports  – New York Times

Stock Buybacks is a subject I expect will get major legs going forward. 401k fees are a big topic – lets start taking a closer look at the return on investment underlying companies within the S&P 500 are getting deploying shareholder cash buying back their own stock: Big stock buybacks are losers for many companies  – Seattle Times

investor with emotional intelligenceTim Cook: The U.S. government wants ‘something we consider too dangerous to create’  – The Washington Post

More Evidence of the Folly of Forecasting  – The Big Picture

This final link may be the best article that I came across this week. I’m not a runner, but landed on this blog through another website I follow. I find the message applicable to investing, amongst other things:  The Art of Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing  – Stop Phe


Thank for reading and have a great weekend.


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