By Andrew Nyquist
All right folks, we had so much fun with the original version that we knew we needed to do a follow up… not just any follow up, mind you: Part Deux, Twitter collaboration style!

Prepare for tears and side aches.  It’s time to go long some trader jokes…


** Best in Breed **


You look at mountain ranges and see 5-wave structures and 61% retracements. ~ John Navin  @JPNavin

You look at the night sky & see a hammer pattern instead of the Big Dipper. ~ Debra Lee @Catwoman2011

Your child says “dad can we order from DPZ, PZZA or Yum tonight? pleazze!”  ~ Madison Montana!! @tlmontana

You are Catholic and you confess to the Priest that you broke your own stop loss rules. ~ traderblast  @traderblast

You bought $FB at IPO and tonight you’ll sleep like a baby…wake up every hour and cry. ~ Emmanuel P  @RomaniakTrader

You might be a trader if you’ve ever considered opening your own Fibonacci’s Italian restaurant. ~ Ross Heart ‏‪@heartcapital

You might be a trader if you know that Head and Shoulders isn’t referring to a shampoo.  ~ Raj Dhaliwal @RSDTrading

Your significant other asks to talk about the future and you blurt out “What happened in the futures!” ~ EconomicDisconnect  @GYSC16
You go to the bathroom during market hours and it costs you $5,000. ~ Timothy Collins @Tangletrade

You regularly check the futures on your iphone when you get up in the middle of the night to take a leak. ~ J.C. Parets @allstarcharts

You would take a knife to a gun fight and a gun to a knife fight. ~ MarketPlunger @MarketPlunger

You understand that your best chance of ending up with $1 million in the market is by starting with $2 million.  ~ Emmanuel P  @RomaniakTrader

Your child get his allowance as a dividend. ~ Madison Montana!! @tlmontana

You think Gone With The Wind is about the monies lost during the Dot Com bust. ~ traderblast  @traderblast

The only cable channel number you know is Bloomberg. ~ tradingpoints  @tradingpoints

You wake up and look at the alarm clock, you think it is a Reuters machine. ~ Buddy Carter  @matterhornbob

You may be a trader if you entrust important financial decisions to perfect strangers you met on Twitter. ~ Debra Lee @Catwoman2011

You have a great tan from the number of screens in front of you. ~ Minyan JR  @minyanjr

Someone asks you how you are doing and you answer either resting or poised to go higher. ~ G  @TandoorGG

When shopping or eating out, you rate the company’s service as a buy, sell, or hold. ~ Julie  @TSXSwingtrader

Your last trade was your “dumbest” trade ever and the one before that the second dumbest ever. ~ Andrew Nyquist  @andrewnyquist


** The Second Bestest in Breed **


You have a T-Shirt of Helicopter Ben on tour at Jackson Hole. ~ Madison Montana!! @tlmontana

You find yourself saying “let me look at just one more chart and I’m ready!” ~ Alex Salomon @Alex__Salomon

You use trading terminology in everyday (normal) conversation and no one but you understands what your saying. ~ Marquette Neal @AMaltsLife

You celebrate your 61.8th birthday. ~ David Owen @IQMSUpdate

You routinely starve yourself from 9:30 to 4:15 EST. ~_peritas  @_peritas

You think Jim Cramer belongs in the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. ~ traderblast  @traderblast

You have no problem saying “it’s all about swapping firm rounded bottoms” to a group of women. ~ Sean Udall  @UdallTechStrat

You equate bungee jumping to $FB chart. ~ Douglas Busch  @chartsmarter

You would order Santelli vs Liesman on pay per view. ~ Joshua Schroeder @JoshuaSchroede2

You use the expression “I’m short that dude!” to describe a person you don’t like. ~ Ethan Jestal @EthanJestal

You start organizing products on Walmart shelves in order of ‘best in breed.’ ~ Elekra El Fuego @ElekraElFuego

You see a symbol and you automatically wonder if a company trades under it, then look it up. ~ Drew Shelstad  @TheEmulator23

Monday mornings can’t come soon enough! ~ Sean  @DipsandValleys

Your cat’s name is NASDAQ. … “But we just call him DAQ for short.” ~ Debra Lee @Catwoman2011

Your dog’s name is Arca. ~ Nalex @JFDI

You have no clue what a company does but know its ticker symbol and 52wk high/low. ~ Sandeep Bhavsar @sandeepbhavsar

The last thing you do before falling asleep is check the Asian markets. Nikkei up 1%. ~ Thomas Fox  @QuantMess

You are never wrong, just early. ~ Some Guy  @RaleighRules

You admonished your kid using charts of their math grades for showing a topping pattern. ~ EconomicDisconnect  @GYSC16

You have considered having your headstone with a 4-character name symbol and a candlestick life chart. ~ Alan Austin @Chart_Man

Your alarm clock sounds like the Opening Bell! ~ Antonino S. Vitale  @asVitale

You dream of tickers rolling by like the credits at the end of Star Wars.  ~ Roberto Pedone @zerosum24


Thank you all for making this a lot of fun.  Please share the laughs with friends and family and let’s keep it going!!  Part III has a lot to live up too!


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