By Andrew Nyquist


• You wake up and start watching the markets, only to realize that it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and you’re still in your underwear thinking “I’ll shower in 10 more minutes…”

• You understand fibonacci retracements, elliot waves, demark indicators, support, resistance, and backtests… and can use them all in the same sentence.

• You tell yourself that your crappy stock trade is now “a good long term hold” after forgetting to set a stop and being down a wad… only then to say who am I kidding and completely sell out of the stock… only then to have the stock rebound moments later.

• You blame the world for your crappy trades.

• You ask for divine intervention to cure your crappy stock trades.

• You curse the names of your worst trades… “Oh Man, I’m getting TVIX’d again!”

• You land a big one and look in the mirror and pull out your six shooters.

• You have caught yourself uttering “Danger is my middle name.”

• You turn on StockTwits and Minyanville’s Buzz like they are your favorite TV shows.

• You get so freakin excited about a stock that you alter song lyrics to account for your ‘Hail to the Chief’ giddyness…

• You find yourself half-awake and strung out watching Bloomberg’s “On the Move” attempting to trade the overnight futures.

• You refer to Fed Chief Ben Bernanke as Helicopter Ben or The Bernank, or just for fun call him bank-boy and sing “Money for Nothing” in his honor… or curse his name over and over and over if the market turns against you.

• You ask your spouse for permission to sell your wedding band because the price of said metal is in a blow off top. And when they respond “Are you crazy?” You say “You just don’t get it.”

• You talk to your spouse about selling your own home multiple times per year based on housing sentiment/sector indicators.

• You have at least 1 mid-life trading crisis per year.

• You know how to put on an options “strangle strategy” without harming anyone other than yourself.

• And finally, YOU JUST MIGHT BE A TRADER IF you have gone off the deep end on a 15 minute cursing rant culminating with a table pound and a “holy sh!t that hurt!”


Hope you enjoyed. Let’s keep it rollin…


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