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Market Update: Where’s the Love?

By Andrew Nyquist The past six weeks have been an interesting ride full of crosscurrents and cautionary tales in the financial markets. Rewind to the week of September 1o. The markets were rocketing higher, yet the AAII bulls vs bears poll was showing a virtual tie: 36.46 vs 32.99. Although some probably saw the relatively low number of bulls as a bullish indicator, I saw it as confusing. First and foremost,

Chartology: German DAX Continues Consolidation Pattern

By¬†Andrew Nyquist After charging higher, the German DAX composite index has spent the past five weeks consolidating gains. This action is reminiscent of a flag consolidation (bullish), however, the market also looks like it is waiting for a catalyst. I say this because 5 weeks of sideways action is starting to feel long in the tooth and if a catalyst doesn’t appear soon, the consolidation could be jeopardized. Near term,