Why $40 Is A Key Level For Crude Oil Prices

Back in August, I wrote a blog post on Crude Oil showing the “measured move” Crude Oil lower price target as a percentage basis for crude oil prices.

The bottom line is that Crude likes to correct roughly 75% of a previous move. The math is in the blog post hyperlinked above.

And the chart from that post has been updated below:

Crude Oil Prices – Monthly Log Chart

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crude oil prices measured move target chart november 12

Crude oil prices hit the trend line nicely and bounced from 37.50 to 50 bucks. I see this as a 3 wave move up into 50 but, perhaps, another move higher is needed to complete the pattern? So what is the crude oil lower price target to set up such a move? For me that key level is roughly $40 on crude.

Here’s the pattern showing the key to that level:

crude oil price target lower 40 harmonic pattern november 12

If we lose $40 on Crude Oil then the possibility of another leg down in oil prices is real and the targets shown above (25-28) become a reality.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.


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