Trend Trading with January’s 6-Month Calendar Range Reset!

aapl apple stock price support trading buy signal chart image

We are super excited to announce that today starts the official January 6-month calendar range.

As you can see in the chart for Apple, the small red and green horizontal lines have appeared on one of our favorite platforms at

In fact, Geoff Bysshe and I do a 30-minute instructional video all about the calendar range. In this video, we cover:

  1. Why the calendar range matters
  2. How this range sets the tone for the next 6 months and the whole year
  3. Who and what to believe
  4. When to act
  5. What to trade
    Plus, when you watch the video, you will get a link to a free report that
    shows you how to profit from using calendar ranges all year long.

Click here to watch the video.

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