Top Trading Links: Making Sense Of 2015!

financial markets investingHi all, each new year brings growth and change.  New for 2015 is a weekly link fest sharing some of the best reads and ideas on the web.  Naturally, we’ll focus on technicals.  However, we’ll also cover the trading process and some ‘big picture’ themes and ideas.

Let’s get started with some of the top trading links around the web.


  • We also heard plenty about the weak Santa Claus rally period. In fact, fellow contributor Chris Kimble had a solid piece on this.  But @AlmanacTrader recently took a look at the first five days of the year.  We’re now living with the very rare combination!
  • @JLyonsFundMgmt took a unique look at the January barometer and came up with some very interesting results.  It’s a must read for any current/aspiring professional market technician.
  • @traderhr offers his technical take on Oil prices.  He notes long term trend support coming into play around the 50 area.  So far, we’ve broken right through.  A collapse of this magnitude is prone to significant overshoots, so perhaps we are in the middle of one right now?
  • @JesseFelder discusses the rash of predictions and calls suggesting a 1999 style market rally.  He offers some great reasons why that’s not so likely.  It’s also worth noting that for the past two months+ we’ve seen an upside crash in equities.  Check out the chart of the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) and its EMV (Ease of Movement) below.

spy equities crash higher_emv Oct-Dec 2014

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  • Geologist Arthur Berman was interviewed.  This is a great discussion touching on the Keystone Pipeline, why rumored breakeven costs are nonsense and the long term future of energy.



  • @andrewnyquist does a nice job breaking down one of the biggest problems we have when a trade goes against us.  When we don’t have and/or follow a written trading plan our emotions take over and what we think really hampers us.
  • @BrainPickings shared 14 ways to acquire knowledge. Investing is a knowledge business.  We’ve got to pick it up wherever & however we can.
  • Visualization is a powerful and underutilized trading tool.  Speaking from personal experience, it can really help us ‘strike when the iron’s hot’.  @steenbab offers his thoughts in a multi-post series on visualization as a tool for positive mindset and trading preparation.



  • @sirmarket shared this excellent Moises Naim TED talk on the monstrous multi-century power shift from the large and powerful to the small and the agile.  This seems like an edge for tech and emerging market investors to exploit moving forward.  At the same time, it’s affecting practically everything even if we can’t see it yet.


Thanks for reading!  And check back next week for another edition of “Trading Links”.

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