The Promo Code: Use It or Lose It

By Kelly Hodges
The internet has made shopping incredibly easy.  Almost anything that you could ever want or need can now be purchased from the comfort of your own couch.  Books, clothing, toys, gadgets, blenders, even lawnmowers… you name it, and you can probably find it on the internet.

online shopping, promo codes, coupon, purchasing itemsOnline shopping affords more than just convenience, it also provides a great way to save money.  By using promo codes and cash back websites, you can pay less for items online then you would in the stores,and have them shipped right to your front door!  More on cash back websites later, for now we’ll focus solely on the promo codes.

If you’ve ever purchased anything online before, you probably have noticed the box within the checkout area that asks you to enter any promo codes you might have.  A promo code is basically an online coupon that gives you some type of discount on your purchase:  a percentage off, dollar amount off, or free shipping.   For example, I recently needed to purchase some photo prints from a recent outing with my digital camera.  I was able to find a promo code from Snapfish (which I use for printing pictures because it’s much cheaper than going to Walgreens or any other actual store) that gave me 25% off plus free shipping.  I typed in the promo code at checkout and boom… instant savings!

So how do you get these magical promo codes you ask?  Well, it’s really quite simple.  There are several websites that keep track of all the different promo codes being offered. and are two of my favorites, but there are others out there as well.   All a shopper has to do is type in the online retailer they’re interested in to see all the different promo codes currently available.  If a product you want is sold by multiple online retailers, then there’s even a greater chance you’ll be able to find a promo code for the product.  It’s that easy, and can save you a ton of money!

Next time you’re shopping online, take a few minutes to check if there are any promo codes before you buy an item.  The website states that on average “visitors spend 80 seconds on our site and save $19 per order.”    And if these numbers are anywhere near accurate, I’d say the promo code is a no brainer.

Have a good week.


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