The Future of Now

future, economic crisis, debt, childrenDisgusted with politics, the financial markets and the many varying daily versions of capitalism… yeah, me too.  Welcome to the Era of Hyper Ventilation.  We don’t have time for anything.  We act now without a thought for the future.  One day we are in a bull market and the next day we are in a recession.  One economist says to cut spending and another says to raise taxes.  And then we have the endless tit for tat politics.  Divisive.  Yes sir.  Manic.  Absolutely.

Daily anticipation of news out of Wall Street and the government has distorted the fundamentals of macro economic analysis and ushered in an era of unprecedented volatility.  The dysfunction can be seen in the way Wall Street holds the government and the Fed hostage for stimulus and bailout/rescue plans.  Yes, Americans are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and our politics and financial markets are following suit.  It’s Socionomics 101.  We are tired, yet restless.  We need leadership.

And the political process has grown all too familiar, from earmarks to funds for business interests, to getting re-elected.  Enough of the nonsense.  Politicians love to expose the issues for campaigning purposes, but few offer up creative original ideas that venture outside their political circle… because, drum roll, they may not receive party support (i.e. funding) which could jeopardize their next election… which oh by the way, they are always campaigning for!  If politicians truly want to do something good, they should get in a room and work on the current mathematical equations that constrain our nation’s budget and future.  Come up with a way to balance the budget as soon as possible.  Find creative ways to prop up education and next generation infrastructure.  Create programs to encourage innovation and community service.  And cut, cut, cut anything that doesn’t revolve around “children” and “future.”

We have become so interested in the here and now that we are forgetting about our future.  Our future, you know, that destiny type thing that is supposed to be filled with our hopes and dreams.  That thing we plan for and experience both individually and collectively.  What is your future going to look like?  How about your kids’?  Or better yet, what is our future going to look like?  Each and every one of us has the ability to effect positive change and become a leader in our own way.  Whether it is at home, at work, or within the community with which we live.  We all have the ability to give back.  Push others to be their best and be ready to prop people up should they fall.  (See “This One’s For You: Five Things For Life“)

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We need to adopt a now or never mindset about the future.  It’s time to sacrifice for our children.  It’s time to prioritize community.  It’s time to educate and innovate.  The consequences of the status quo are too great to consider otherwise.


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