Tableau Software Stock (DATA): Fallen Angel Is Too Cheap

Tableau Software $DATA: This fallen angel’s stock price has gotten too cheap in a healthy M&A environment.

Tableau Software (DATA) was one of the hottest stocks around from May 2014 to July 2015 as shares rallied from $55 to above $120 as the “Big Data” theme took hold across the technology sector.

However, shares have now sold off since Summer 2015 more than 50% and closed today at $55.70 following a couple quarters of “disappointing” growth. Disappointing is a loose term, as it is still growing faster than most stocks in the market. But as the case with any company growing scale, the Y/Y growth comparisons start to hit a wall before coming down to a sustainable level.

Tableau Software Stock Chart – $DATA

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Pac-Crest was out with a great M&A report on Sunday that highlighted the Software sector and anticipation for a new software M&A cycle through 2017, seeing a similar pattern to 2011 after multiple Tech stocks corrected and strategic buyers stepped in seeing the future opportunity. The report highlights a number of potential acquisition targets across SaaS, Security, Cloud, Analytics, and Healthcare Tech. A few of those names have seen some unusually bullish options positioning as well such as Shopify (SHOP), Fire-Eye (FEYE), and Imperva (IMPV). The report also shows that 7 of the largest Software companies have a cumulative buying power of more than $200B.

Tableau Software stock (DATA) is the name I want to focus on in part because it has seen a few sizable call purchases since its last earnings report. The most notable was on 5/31 when 3,050 of the January 2018 $100 calls were bought to open $2.55 to $2.70 with shares trading near $50.50. On 6/2 nearly 3,000 July $60 OTM calls bought to open $1.40 to $1.70 and the July $55 calls have seen some accumulation with 2,600 now in open interest. Lastly, a trade from 5/6 bought 2,950 of the October $50 calls to open $4.30 to $4.70 that are in open interest. Looking at IV Skew, DATA has a parabolic profile for June, and a fairly flat July and October skew, showing a bullish bias. One caveat is that short interest at 12.55% of the float has steadily risen from 4.15% in August 2015.

The $4.14B business analytics Company trades 67X FY17 Earnings, 5.9X Sales and 47.1X FCF. Now, at first many may say how can you possibly call a stock at those levels cheap, but those are not appropriate metrics to value a Tech company with such high levels of growth. For a better view of growth DATA was growing revenues 2012-2015 Y/Y at 104.8%, 82%, 77.5%, and 58.4% respectively. DATA revenue growth has steadily come down and FY16 is projecting just under 30% revenue growth and closer to 25% in FY17 and FY18, but FY18 revenues at $1.32B is right around double its FY15 revenues, so still an impressive growth company. DATA is projected to hit $1.24/share EPS in FY18, more than double the $0.56/share in FY16.

The more appropriate valuation metric for a growth software company is EV/Sales and utilizing relative valuation with comparative revenue growth numbers. At 3.1X FY17 EV/Sales, DATA is in fact very cheap on a peer comparison with a mean on 6.5X, table shown below via Sentieo Comparison. DATA is also a clear leader in its industry and at this depressed valuation it could attract names like Microsoft (MSFT), Cisco (CSCO), SAP (SAP) or others. In a deal I would expect DATA to demand a 4X EV/Sales multiple at minimum, or around 30% higher from current levels. That would put Tableau Software stock right around $70, but would not satisfy those Jan. 2018 $100 calls. Considering the environment and scarcity value, there could be a bidding war with willing over payers flush with cash, or even without a deal DATA may look to grow itself into a Software leader over the next few years, either way the upside opportunity is there as shares get revalued back to a mean multiple as investors get more comfortable with 25% revenue growth.

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