S&P 500 Update: Will Strong Holiday Seasonality Boost Stocks?

General Market Observations For November 28:

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence rose to 125.90 in October, the highest since the end of 2000. Is this bullish or bearish for the stock market? We will take a look.

While the NYSE cumulative and common stock only advance – decline line both hit ATH’s this week, more than 8% of stocks on the S&P 1500 hit oversold levels last week while more than 8% hit overbought levels. Yes, this remains a strange market.

Seasonality Very Favorable: Over the past 20 years, November has been one of the most consistent months of the year, with the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) rising 74% of the time. The average return for the month has been 1.3%. December is also consistent, rising 74% of the time, and averaging 1.5% for the month. Another holiday rally on deck?

For the past 20 years, the NASDAQ 100 ETF (NASDAQ:QQQ) has seen an average rise in November of 1.7%, and rose 72% of the time. For December, the QQQ’s only rose 47% of the time, but the average gain was 1.5%.

The small cap Russell 2000 usually finishes up the year very strong. The “2000” rose 74% of the time in November and 79% in December over the past 20 years with average gains of 2.2% in November and 3% in December.


On the daily chart, the “500” continues to hug the upper trendline of the bullish channel that has been in place since April. It’s possible that a second bearish momentum divergence will be seen on the daily chart with respect to the 14-day RSI as well as the daily MACD. In addition, the momentum uptrends since August have broken down, a possible sign of a change in trend. While some may say the price uptrend off the August low has given way, there has been zero technical damage from a price perspective.

I continue to instruct clients to buy the dip if we ever get one. A blast above 2,600 would suggest no decent corrective action for now.

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