S&P 500 Index Update: Bull / Bear Line at 2825

Mark Newton

S&P 500 Index Trading Outlook (3-5 Days): Bearish

Price fell throughout Thursday’s session and could pullback further.

That said, my eyes are on 2825 on a closing basis. I’m staying defensive unless/until 2825 is exceeded on a close.

Key points:

1) This remains a bear market bounce, NOT the start of a new bull market

2) Any stalling out by late April that backtracks likely will NOT reach new lows right away given the extent of our rally.

S&P 500 Index Chart

s&p 500 index trading price analysis chart april 24 investing news image

Despite the perceived strength on Wednesday and half-way through the day Thursday, S&P 500 Index patterns really didn’t turn too bullish on a closing basis. And the late day selling combined with Intel’s (INTC) after market plunge could be important for stocks in resulting in a reversal.

Any pullback under 2727 on the S&P 500 would result in this ominous looking pattern on hourly charts giving way, leading straight to 2637-40 which is more important structurally in the bigger pattern from late March.

Given the cyclic importance of 4/24-5, my thinking is at least a near-term pullback is overdue for stocks, and Technology very well could lead the way down for stocks into next week.

Only a move back up over 2825 on a daily close changes the trend to bullish. Until then, a defensive stance is likely the way to go near-term.

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