S&P 500 Index Breaks Support, New Downside Targets Emerge

s&p 500 index price targets for september correction lower stock market chart image

S&P 500 Index Futures Trading Chart (September 21, 2020)

As I noted in my September 20 report to clients, “if we see weakness that breaks below the MOB band and 50-day average, the pullback could be deeper towards the 200-day average.” 

That weakness emerged to break through these zones. As such, a bearish Money Flow Unit (MFU) has developed.

An MFU-4 price target (near the recent top) tends to be the terminal of a move and is confirmed with the formation of a negative MFU, which we have now.

The downside Money Flow Units are on the today’s chart. A bounce may be in order, but careful here.

The concern we have had for some time is the potential of the S&P 500 Index forming a top as it did in February and early March of this year. Similarly, that top received a negative MFU confirmation.

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