Snip, Snip: More Consumers Saving Money with Coupons

coupons, couponing, discounts, online savings, buy 1 get 1, promotionsBy Kelly Hodges
Hello See It Market readers.  I am happy to be here and look forward to providing some personal finance and household money management tips and tricks.  Being a wife and mother of four young children, I know a thing or two about properly allocating dollars and cents.

These days, saving money is a topic that peaks many people’s interest.  Recent times have been tough and the uncertainty in the economy is prompting many to take a closer look at their finances and evaluate their spending habits.  Many are realizing that the necessities in life- the groceries, toilet paper, toothpaste and the like- are taking up a bigger chunk of the monthly budget.  But one has to eat, wipe, and take good care of their teeth, so it’s really not an option to stop buying these items.  But, what is an option is to pay less money for them… enter the coupon.

If you haven’t noticed, coupons are making a comeback.  And it’s not just little old ladies who are using them either.  It’s moms, dads, college kids, working people, the retired, and everyone in between.  Coupon use is on the rise.  According to Valassis, consumers saved 3.7 billion dollars (that’s billions with a “b”) using coupons in 2010, an additional $200 million over 2009.  Coupons are becoming so popular that they now even have their own TV show, “Extreme Couponing” on TLC.  And coupons can go so much further these days with many opting for the internet; coupon codes for internet shopping offer anything from free shipping to %off discounts.

And while coupons won’t make you rich, they can put a dent in your monthly grocery bill and gift giving expenses.   Why spend more money on boring items like yogurt and dish soap then you have to?  Or why travel to the store if you can get an item cheaper online and delivered to your front door?  Whatever money is saved in discounts can be reallocated to a much more exciting cause- an investment opportunity, a child’s college fund, or that family vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

For those new to couponing it can be a bit overwhelming at first.  The key is to realize that like anything else it’s a learning process and will take time to perfect.  If you stick with it then it will become second nature in time, and you will surprise yourself with how much money you save, and wish that you had started years earlier!

Check back in later this week for my 5 steps to getting started on your couponing journey.  Until then, have a great start to your week.



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