Nvidia (NVDA) is a Mainstay at AI Events This Spring

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon.

Nvidia (NVDA) is at it again. Around this time last year we noted an event cluster was forming around the AI darling, meaning they were participating in nearly every large tech and AI event during the very busy Spring conference season.

Nearly all of those events saw CEO Jensen Huang with a key speaking role, and came on the heels of a smashing Fiscal Q1 2024 earnings report. The lead into the FQ1 2025 earnings call is just as busy, but this year Nvidia is being mentioned in rooms even when they aren’t physically present as conference participants. 

Wall Street Horizon has found that while a standalone event such as a company’s upcoming earnings release date may affect volatility, investigating multiple events closely in relationship to one another can have a stronger impact on a company’s corporate financial health.

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Observing the information pre-event, during the event and post-event and how they interact is critical to understand how events relate to trading and risk strategies. Currently we see a notable event cluster lining up for NVDA. 

Nvidia is Working the May Conference Circuit – Whether in Attendance or Not 

Not only has Nvidia been busy as participants on the May conference circuit, speaking at the RSA Cybersecurity Conference in San Francisco on May 6-9, as well as the Macquarie Asia Conference on May 13 in Hong Kong, but they are being praised at other highly watched AI events where they aren’t even necessarily in attendance. 

At the onset of the AI event cluster last week, OpenAI demoed their latest update of their generative AI product for consumers, GPT – 4o, on Monday, May 13. Their Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, thanked Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang for “bringing us the most advanced” chips to make that presentation possible.1

Then on Tuesday, May 14, Google (GOOGL) held their annual developer conference. At that event, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also gave Nvidia a shoutout. He referenced their “longstanding partnership” and revealed that Google Cloud will begin using the chipmaker’s Blackwell graphics processing units (GPUs) in early 2025.2

May 21-23 – Microsoft Build 2024 (Redmond, WA)
This week, Microsoft (MSFT) holds its annual Build conference in Redmond, Washington from May 21 – 23. Nvidia again will be at the center of attention as MSFT provides servers to OpenAI and is expected to announce the latest updates to its AI suite which utilizes Nvidia’s GPUs.3 Many of Nvidia’s top talent are featured speakers at the event, including Adel El Hallak, Sr. Director of Product Management for Enterprise AI, Ganesh Sivaraman, Director of Omniverse Partnerships, and Jesse Clayton, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Windows AI. 

May 22 – FQ1 2025 Earnings Report and Conference Call (2:00PM PT)
This will all be taking place as Nvidia readies itself to report Q1 earnings later today, with a webcast to follow at 5:00PM ET. According to FactSet data, they are expected to post bottom-line growth of 414% and revenue growth of 242%, making it one of the biggest contributors to S&P 500® growth this season. 

June 26 – Annual Shareholder Meeting (9:00AM PT, Virtual)
The frenzy of events will come to a close on June 26 when Nvidia holds its annual Shareholder Meeting, another chance for investors to get important updates on the company. The meeting will be held virtually at 9:00AM PT. 

Conference season mostly wraps up ahead of summer break in July and August. After their shareholder meeting, the next time we are likely to hear an update from Nvidia is on their FQ2 2025 earnings call on August 21 (projected date).


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