May Day S&P 500 Performance Since 1950

bull bear stock marketIt’s May Day: half of the Western world is taking a holiday, but markets in the Americas are opening for business.

In contrast to the message of the universally-known (and not all-that-reliable) “Sell in May and Go Away” market axiom, stocks have historically fared well on May Day itself.

A quick and simple glance at the S&P 500 (SPX) since 1950 shows that positive days are not only more plentiful (56.5% v. 43.5%) but have a much greater net impact on performance, averaging +0.76% v. -0.36%.  Across all May Days since 1950, average performance close-over-close comes in at +0.27%.

S&P 500 May Day Performance Since 1950:

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May Day Performance Since 1950



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