Key Stock Market Relationships for the Next Big Move

tlt treasury bonds etf trading price reversal analysis chart october 25 2023

First off, we are heading out of town to New York where I will be visiting in studio several media channels and hosts.

Then, we are off to Orlando for the Money Show.

November 1st, Keith and I go on vacation until the middle of the month.

This is the last daily market update I will be writing for awhile.

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However, I will have several clips in the next few days to share and Geoff Bysshe will be occasionally writing the Daily in my absence.

With that said, today I began the day with Benzinga Market Prep Show.

I am featuring this today as content because I hope it helps you look at the market objectively.

We did not discuss inflation, which as you are aware of, I believe can go hyper as geopolitical stress, social unrest, strikes for higher wages and mother nature could each or worse, all, kick into gear.

We discussed bonds, small caps, commercial real estate, retail, and a couple of stocks.

In that discussion, and on the heels of Bill Ackman’s statements along with our own technical indicators, we spell out the exact relationships to watch.

Monday’s Daily explained how much long bonds factor into the equity (and commodity) equation.

We also cover small caps and the monthly charts, along with SPY, QQQ, Transports (IYT) and Retail (XRT).

If the decades have taught me anything, it’s that the simpler you can make the definitions, the better the comprehension.

It is with that in mind that we show you how easy it will be in just a short time, to see where this market heads next.

Benzinga Pre-Market Prep

In addition to the analysis, Joel and I talk about the floor days and how we figured out momentum with our senses!

Plus, we go over a couple of picks.

Thank you all for your continued readership and support.

I hope you have many profitable weeks.

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