Is The NYSE Composite Index Topping? Watch That Divergence

The markets have been choppy for several weeks and this has made it difficult for traders and investors to figure out the market’s next move. But the NYSE Composite Index (NYA) may be a market ‘tell’… today or in the days ahead.

While the NYSE Composite Index has made new highs, the other major indices (Dow Jones and S&P 500) have not. This is a divergence to keep an eye on. Taking this one step further and looking at elliott wave counts shows that a pullback may indeed be in order. If the correction in October of last year was a fourth wave, then the requirements for a diagonal ending pattern have now been met. While this isn’t a certainty that the top is in, the chart below suggests that it may be very close.

NYSE Composite Index (NYA) Chart

nyse composite index chart_topping pattern April 2015

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Keep an eye on how the NYSE fares over the coming weeks.  Have a great weekend.


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