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investing educationFrom novice investors to seasoned day traders, most people will from time to time stumble over the jargon inherent to the language of finance.  Since I myself am more towards the novice end of the spectrum, I frequently come across terms that I am unfamiliar with when reading about financial or investing topics.  I once stumbled upon the Investopedia website and have found it an invaluable resource in my pursuit of increased financial literacy.

The website has an extensive dictionary of terms related to investing and finance.  The terms are defined in plain language, so that you don’t need an MBA to understand what they mean.  I have yet to run across a term that was not defined in the extensive dictionary; and from “attribution analysis” to “zig zag indicator” and all terms in between, this is about as comprehensive a resource as you will find.

In addition to standard definitions, Investopedia also has a series of more in depth tutorials on various topics.  The series “Beginner Trading Fundamentals” is a great starting point for those looking to get there feet wet in the market, and again is written in very understandable language.  The tutorial entitled “Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids” is also extremely valuable, and an important read for parents striving to raise financially literate children.

The site also has a well-respected investment simulator function.  By creating a free account, investors who want to test trading strategies or refine techniques can do so without putting their real money on the line.  This is valuable both to those first dabbling with the market, or experts who want to try new strategies.

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In addition to these educational tools, the Investopedia website publishes new content daily on a diverse range of topics including markets, investing, personal finance, and others.  They have an extensive and diverse assortment of writers who are able to keep the information current and relevant.  There is also a free mobile app so all this information can be available while on the go.

The Investopedia tag line is “Educating the world about finance,” and the site does exactly that.  It is a great asset in your pursuit of lifelong financial education.  Thanks for reading!

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