Is A GoPro Stock Bottom Finally In?

If you’ve been following my posts for @seeitmarket and the world of GoPro ($GPRO) you’ll find a great study in the application of technical analysis and price patterns. From its post-IPO highs and a call for a top, to its recent decline to what may be a GoPro stock bottom.

From the time I highlighted the potential for a steep post-IPO decline in GoPro stock, the price patterns have done a great job of calling the “swings” – here is a sampling of my work on GoPro. And those swings back and forth have come during a decline to what appears to be a GoPro stock bottom.

More recently, I spent time over a couple of posts showing why GoPro stock could fall under $10 per share. Well, GoPro hit $9.01, and for all practical purposes, it appears that my price target zone for a BUY has essentially been hit (i.e. we may finally have a GoPro stock bottom). As we’ll show here – the TIME zone for that to happen was very synchronized.

You can do the work yourself but through my experience I believe that “price” and “time” are the same thing.  What do I mean by that?

Well, ONLY when there is a balance of PRICE and TIME will there be a trend change.

In this case, from the date of the IPO on 06/26/2014 we went up, essentially 69.85 points in 69-70 trading days.  PRICE and TIME were balanced – and a top was made.

In the case of the low, we simply had to convert the calendar days from high to low (485) into weeks (485/7 = 69.3) and we balanced PRICE and TIME and, most importantly, it all came together at our targeted price level.

In my opinion, a tradable low has been made.

GoPro Stock Chart – GPRO

gopro stock bottom chart gpro analysis march 22

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