EURUSD Analysis: A Technical Chart Update

Andrew Kassen

eurusd analysisBy Andrew Kassen     The “Irreversible” Euro has had a rough couple of days, beginning the 8th week of its reversal from 1.37, last printing 1.2866, off -206 pips (or -1.59%) from Friday’s close. Already down 4.6% since the end of January, this week’s primetime Troika/Cyprus/Russia Eurodrama only serves to exacerbate an already challenging technical landscape. This serves as reason enough for a closer look at the Euro and a EURUSD analysis update.

Despite the move down, since Sunday night trading sessions have been highly active but mostly choppy as short-term operators (carbon and silicon-based) nervously scrutinize and react to every bit of half-phrased flotsam that emanates from the Eurozone.

Lamentable as it is (though not due to a dearth of trading opportunities), these sloppy volatile conditions bear the indelible mark of classic Euro Crisis action. It may come as some surprise, then, that EURUSD has staged a highly uniform stair-step rise-to-fall dating from July 2012’s low near 1.20. In fact, there are few better medium or long-term examples of an instrument (FX or otherwise) adhering so responsively to the same levels in repetitive fashion as the pair has over the last 8 months.

Now down over 6% in nearly as many weeks (check out our recent piece on how the US Dollar has done over that period)  – in spite of the present troubles brought on by Cyprus Hill – it is natural to ask as it pushes through successive fibonacci retracement levels: when will Fiber (EURUSD) bounce and move back in the direction of the primary trend (up)?

Similarly – and the better question for those following the present trend from 1.37 – how much further can the pair fall?  Here’s my current EURUSD analysis and assessment, in brief.  Click to enlarge charts.

Weekly Chart – EURUSD Analysis

eurusd weekly chart, march eurusd analysis

4-hour Chart – EURUSD Analysis

eurusd chart, eurusd analysis

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