A Closer Look At The Stock Market And Energy Cycles

As many of you are aware, I do a large amount of proprietary research into the subject of cycles and I work very closely with Lars Von Thienen on many research and trading projects. We have a very interesting project that we have been working on recently that I’d like to share with you. This project involves looking at the Geomagnetic Energy Cycles of the Sun and examining how they relate to the cycles in the stock market.

This whole idea started with a research study that Lars found written in 2003 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta which gave strong statistical significance to the energy cycles coming from the sun and how they affected the stock market movements. Additionally, another document we found focuses on James Marusek’s explanation of how Geomagnetic Energy affects the human body / mood. Even the US Navy knows and follows this data because they withhold fighter pilot missions during the times when there is a large scale storm.

Check out the video below. I think you’ll find it both educational and interesting.

Energy Cycles And The Stock Market [Video]

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