Chartology: Intel (INTC) May Be Nearing “Tradable” Value

Stock Charts, See It Market, seeitmarketstock chart, technical analysis, candle sticks, bullish chartBy Andrew Nyquist
Without a doubt, technology stocks have been leading the market lower of late. And within the technology arena, semiconductors have been particularly weak. Take Intel Corp (INTC) for instance. The big tech titan is trading fifteen percent below its 20 week moving average and down almost 30 percent from the Spring highs.

Granted, PC’s are getting some gray hair and there is some uncertainty here, but I am a technical swing trader. So I’m not going to make a huge fundamental pitch here (although one likely can be made).

My sole interest in Intel stock is for a swing trade. On Friday, INTC recorded a perfected weekly DeMark buy set up 9, increasing the probability of a corrective bounce higher sometime over the next four weeks. Note that the chart below is a weekly chart, so it requires a wider lens for analysis, and maybe a bit more patience, as oversold can remain oversold longer than one thinks.

I built a 1/3 size starter position during the intense selling Thursday and Friday for an average price of 21.54. I will look to add on further downside towards $20, with a stop just beneath the $20 level.

Trade safe, trade disciplined.

More charts found here.

Intel stock, intc, stock chart, technical analysis, technical support, oversold, demark setup, demark analysis, trading setup

Intel Corp (INTC) stock chart with technical analysis  as of October 19, 2012. INTC DeMark weekly buy setup 9 with support levels.


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