Chartology: Apple vs Starbucks, Staggering 3 Year Chart Comparison

Stock ChartsThis is just food for thought… a little weekend fun.

Below is a comparison of the recent run in Apple (AAPL) with that of Starbucks (SBUX). Same time frame. I find it interesting that the two stocks moved so closely in tandem. With Starbucks turning lower, could Apple (AAPL) follow suit with a similar pattern?

Be sure to tune in later for my blog on the technical state of Apple, wherein I’ll highlight key support and resistance levels (including fibs). Have a great weekend all.

For more technical charts, click here.

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Apple (AAPL) stock compared to Starbucks (SBUX) stock on a 3 year technical chart. AAPL vs SBUX with technical analysis overlay as of July 27, 2012. 


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