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The Top Personal Finance Websites and How to Find Them

By Kelly Hodges The good news is that a person seeking to increase their personal finance knowledge has a wealth of information at their fingertips. One...
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Is Your State’s 529 College Plan Making the Grade?

By Kelly Hodges Earlier this month Morningstar released the results of its annual review of state 529 college savings plans.  The review classified plans into one...
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Survey Says: Parents Not Making the Financial Grade

By Kelly Hodges As a parent of four young children, I am always on the lookout for advice on how best to equip them with the...

Lessons Learned from a Centenarian

By Kelly Hodges Last week my family lay to rest my Grandpa Al, at the age of 108. The quantity of years he lived was impressive...
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Increase Your Fitness and Fatten Your Paycheck

By Kelly Hodges Want to increase your paycheck?  Try going for a run.  Researchers at Cleveland State University recently published a study showing that employees who...
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Want to Get Away? 10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation

By Kelly Hodges Looking to take a vacation? The possibilities are endless with a world of destinations to explore.  If your travel budget allows for a...
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5 Reasons to Love

By Kelly Hodges It’s clear that for a person to have a good grasp on their personal finances, they must understand where exactly their money is...
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An Educated Allowance: Teaching Your Kids How to Save Money

Parenthood comes with many educational responsibilities.  From letters and numbers to riding a bike to sharing with others, parents are busy teaching their children...
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7 Secrets for a Successful Garage Sale

By Kelly Hodges Garage sale, yard sale, tag sale, rummage sale- no matter what you want to call it the purpose remains the same:  purge the...
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4 Reasons to Plant a Vegetable Garden

By Kelly Hodges Spring is in full swing, with flowers abloom, days filled with sunshine, and baby bunnies hopping on the lawn.  Now is the perfect...

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