Bullish On Apple? This Options Trade Could Net 43% In 16 Days

Apple’s stock (AAPL) is currently 8% below the high set in late November and bullish traders can set up a nice short-term AAPL options trade using a bull put spread.

If a trader believed the recent low of $106 will hold, they could use the $106 strike as the short put and the $104 strike as the long put.

Currently, this AAPL options trade offers a roughly 43% return on risk over the next 16 calendar days when using the February 6th expiry.

The maximum profit on the trade would be $60 per contract with a maximum risk of $140. The spread would achieve the maximum 43% profit if AAPL closes above $106 on February 6th in which case the entire spread would expire worthless allowing the premium seller to keep the $60 option premium.

The maximum loss would occur if Apple’s stock closes below $104 on February 6th which would see the premium seller lose $140 on the trade.

The breakeven point for the Bull Put Spread is $105.40 which is calculated as $106 less the $0.60 option premium per contract. Keep in mind that due to the bid-ask spread, you may not be able to get filled at these prices.

The breakeven price is 3.79% below the current stock price.

Looking at the chart of Apple’s stock below, you’ll notice that AAPL has been consolidating in a wedge pattern for the last month. For traders that believe the $106 support level will hold, this bull put spread offers an attractive risk / reward setup. Also note that the MACD is oversold and looking close to a bullish cross; it is also at the lowest levels seen in the last 6 months.

Counting against the stock is the upper border of the wedge formation and the 50 day moving average which comes in around the same level at $112.

AAPL has long been a market darling and bullish AAPL options traders have typically been rewarded in the past. Will that prove to be the case again over the next 2 weeks?

AAPL Stock Chart

aapl wedge formation bullish_apple stock chart january 2015



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