Bitcoin Setting Up for a Breakout In Early 2020

One market that triggered a technical buy signal for us over the last week is Bitcoin $BTCUSD and the ETF OTC:GBTC.

From a technical perspective, BTCUSD has made 4 higher-highs (7540, 8458, 9177, and 9561) and 3 higher-lows (6882, 7682, 8225), since putting in a tradable low in mid-December at 6450.

Other technical buy signals for Bitcoin are the recent closes over $9,000 and over the 200-day moving average, a key long-term trend indicator.

A key support level on any pullbacks is the 7500 – 8000 level.

$BTCUSD Bitcoin Price Chart

bitcoin price support analysis bull market higher chart image investing year 2020

The Bitcoin ETF, GBTC is picking up as well, with a recent close over the key $10 level, and back over the 200-day moving average.

Key support here on any pullback is at 8.90, and because this is a more volatile market, I often use wider than average stop losses to avoid getting caught up in shorter term volatility.  

bitcoin etf gbtc trading analysis bullish setup chart year 2020

Both $BTC and $GBTC have had impressive run ups recently, and while they may be due for some shorter-term consolidation, the wider stops allow room for the position to work, and the potential reward vs risk math is favorable.

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