Bitcoin Outlook: Rally to $8,000 Possible in 2019

Bitcoin has fallen on hard times in 2018.

The cryptocurrency is down 85% since it made all time highs in December of 2017.

So when will Bitcoin bottom? Is a Bitcoin rally coming soon?

Time to look at the yearly pivots!

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This past week Bitcoin fell into a confluence of 2018 yearly support pivot points. This price area ($3000 – $3300) should provide strong support into year end.

If the 2018 YCL3/YS1 Pivots hold, a big Bitcoin rally could take shape in 2019. This would likely target the yearly pivot (YP) next year, which should be around $8,000. We won’t know the exact price of the 2019 Yearly pivot (YP) until we get the closing price on December 31. This is because Pivot Points are a math calculation that uses the high, low and closing prices.

The biggest reversals happen at the yearly points!

Bitcoin Chart with Yearly Pivots

bitcoin bottom forecast chart december_big rally coming

To learn more about yearly pivot points, please check out my “Using multiple pivot points for trading opportunities” webinar.

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