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Walter Hill is currently an MBA student at Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business. Previously, he spent 6 years in the United States Army including one deployment. He has been actively studying the markets and trading for about 2 years and has a passion for technical analysis. His trading style relies heavily on technical analysis/ pattern recognition and he employs a “Trust, but verify” approach.
Walter currently lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy Class of 2007 where he played football. In addition to investing, Walter enjoys watching football, fishing and talking to anyone who will listen about the stock market. His goal is to not only further his trading knowledge, but also to teach and educate others about the financial markets.

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Relax, It’s Just Trading

By Walter Hill If you are thinking that “relax” is a word not often associated with trading than by all means you would be correct. However, in the same fashion that you would tell a kicker to relax before the big kick or a Quarterback to relax before leading the…