Apple Stock (AAPL) Is In A League Of Its Own… Literally

Just how big is Apple Inc. (AAPL)?  We all know it is a huge company – In fact, Apple is the largest company in the world currently. Here are the 10 largest companies in the S&P 500 as of last night (based on market capitalization).

10 largest companies in sp 500 index apple largest company june 2015

Source: Yahoo Finance

So, what would the list look like if Apple’s stock dropped 50%?

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Now here’s a stat that will blow your mind. Would you believe if Apple was cut in half tomorrow it would still be the second largest company in the S&P 500! And look at some of the names on the list… Microsoft (MSFT), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Wells Fargo (WFC), to name a few.

10 largest stocks if aapl cut in half

Source: Yahoo Finance

I don’t have the data to confirm this, but I’m thinking this has to be one of the only times in the history of the United States that this has ever happened. Maybe Andrew Carnegie’s Carnegie Steel Company in the early 1900s is close, but I’m not sure.

Now I’m not bearish Apple (AAPL) and it’s obviously been an amazing company. But seeing this type of stat makes me think it will have to come back down to the pack eventually. It’s clear that Apple stock is in a league of its own right now.

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