5 Global Investing Themes To Watch This Week

Here’s an overview of five topics and charts that I covered in my latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report.

You can view the entire report over at TopDown Charts.

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This week we covered the following investing topics and market ideas:

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1. Global Equities – Market Cycle: 

Global equities have been relatively resilient to the global growth scare, yet potential growth reacceleration, improved valuations, and major bottoming signals support the outlook.

2. Emerging Markets Macro Analysis & Policy: 

With valuation and sentiment on the positive side, improving leading indicators, and a clear policy pivot, the outlook for EM (equities) remains decent.

3. Japan Equities: 

Japanese equities look favourable on valuations and sentiment.

4. Eurozone Equities: 

Positive on relative value and rebounding economic/earnings momentum.

5. United Kingdom (UK) Equities: 

UK equities are cheap (cheapest among major DM on an ERP basis), and still see considerable pessimism and light allocations (interesting for contrarians!).

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